How does the laser lipolysis machine work?


Principle : 1064nm YAG laser lipolysis machine using specific wavelength 1064nm laser to break the cytoderm of adipocyte, then formed holes in the cytoderm, which makes cytoplasm outflow, body fats turns to be liquid form,by using the patented technical treatment head to discharge the fat cells out of patients body. The wound is very small, which invisible after healing, finally reach the goal of weight loss.

The machine not only can fat reduction ,weight loss . The lasers stimulate the collagen, which also can reach the goal of skin tightening, wrinkle removal.  

Compared traditional liposuction machines with vibration, laser lipolysis is of short time operation, little injury, few bleeding, and patients will not be creative of fear by liposuction.

Treatment procedure:Generally, facial laser lipolysis treatment procedure is not complicated, including marks, anesthesia, laser melting, suction and suture bandaging five steps.


1. Short time operation, little injury, few bleeding, rapid restoration after operation.

2. Get over the defect of skin surface that uneven after operation.

3. It can be safety operation on those hard liposuction places, for example, face, arm, upper belly, calf and chin etc.

4. Radiate dermis, promote collagen regeneration, has best effect to dispel wrinkle.

5. Eliminate anesthetic and fat melting complete after operation, reduce edema.

6. Collagen fibrin of dermis or fat collagen fibrin be contraction after operation, can be effective prevent skin relaxation.

7. Patients will not be creative of fear by liposuction.

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