2940nm Erbium laser Skin Rejuvenation Machine


Fight skin aging,

In the field of photoelectric therapy, in addition to traditional intense pulsed light,

2940nm wavelength erbium laser, is also a laser widely used in dermatology.

It can be used to perform precise micron-level exfoliation of skin tissue, it is well known and recognized by the industry for its safe and low-risk characteristics.

There are also many erbium laser devices in clinical practice.

What kind of laser technology can be used by doctors to make the operation more convenient?

Through personalized customized treatment,

Bring good clinical effects to patients,

Become the standard for selecting erbium laser equipment.

Beijing Oriental Wison produce the 2940nm Erbium laser machine have unique advantages: versatile, Multiple output methods and efficient.

Patented microlens array lattice technology

The lens combination is accurate to the micron level and can transmit a flat-hat type light spot with no central hot spot and uniform energy. It creates transparent and uniform exfoliation holes on the skin to achieve the most uniform exfoliation effect, ensure treatment safety, and achieve the most ideal results. Clinical efficacy.

Micron-level precise peeling

The fractional erbium laser system can accurately perform skin micro-exfoliation treatment. The operation is precise and can be accurate to the micron level. The trauma is minimal, the recovery is fast, the probability of postoperative pigmentation is greatly reduced, and the treatment results are safe and stable. When treating dermal and epidermal diseases, it has strong reliability, gentle grinding, and extremely low pain for patients.

Three major functions:

①Erbium laser micro-exfoliation

②Erbium laser microhole lattice

③Private treatment

Covering different treatment needs of Dermatology/Plastic Surgery/Gynecology

Micro-peeling, skin tightening, skin tag removal, laser skin resurfacing, coagulation and hemostasis, ablative rejuvenation, non-ablative skin rejuvenation, scar repair, vaginal tightening, private plastic surgery, etc.

From face to body, from skin to private parts

From basic to high-end, from popularization to upgrade

Solve the aging problem in an all-round way, taking both internal and external considerations into account

Comprehensive anti-aging, both internal and external

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