Skin Analyzer machine - Comprehensive skin detection


Working Principle :

Skin Analyzer machine acquire facial skin image conditions through 36 million high-definition pixels, and use 8-spectrum imaging technology, AI face recognition technology, deep learning technology, 3D skin simulation technology, and cloud computing and cloud storage to conduct superficial and deep quantitative analysis of skin pathological characteristics. , can detect fourteen skin health indicators. Comprehensively analyze and evaluate skin problems, so as to carry out scientific and precise management of skin with reasonable evidence.

Eight-spectrum smart skin detector:(White、PPL、XPL、UV、Wood′s、Blue、Brown、Red)This eight-spectrum smart skin detector can detect deep skin problems, including deep pigments, heavy metals, lead and mercury. Let you clearly understand your skin. Generally speaking, your skin under natural light is very good, but when the detector detects the skin in the deep Wu's light mode, all skin problems have nowhere to hide!

Tests 14 items at once to accurately locate the source of skin problems.

Comprehensive analysis of 14 indicator data:skin moisture content, sebum ,pores , spots , wrinkle , acne , blackheads , dark circles , skin color , PL sensitivity, UV spot , pigment , UV acne and collagen fiber

Majec Mirror Bit-Moji AI intelligent image instrument ten modules:

1.File management module;

2.Cloud computing, cloud storage module;

3.Surface and deep quantitative analysis module;

4.Skin prediction module;

5.3D simulation module;

6.Problem skin module;

7.Comparative analysis module;

8.Integrated report module;

9.Solution module;

10.VIP customize module.


Facial care is one of the key projects of beauty salons. In order to have a deeper understanding of customers' skin conditions, beauty salons will choose the skin analyzer machine to help stores better understand customers' skin problems and provide them with personalized solutions. The skin analyzer machine can comprehensively detect the customer's skin condition and grasp the customer's pain points. Through detailed test results, the beautician can provide more precise suggestions and recommend a care plan suitable for the customer to achieve better results. The skin analyzer machine not only provides comprehensive and accurate data support for merchants, but also enables customer attraction marketing, attracting customers to the store through free skin testing as a gimmick, and achieving the effect of attracting customers!

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