How does 2940nm Erbium Laser work


What is Erbium YAG laser?

The Erbium Yag is a fractional ablative laser designed for laser resurfacing and skin rejuvenation. The ablative nature of the laser means the outer layer of skin is removed, which triggers the natural healing process and promotes the turnover of skin cells, revealing healthy, clear and firmer skin as the treated area heals. Light energy also penetrates deep into the dermis to promote the production of new collagen, treating skin conditions from the inside out. Also, compared to other ablative lasers, such as carbon dioxide lasers, recovery time after treatment is shorter and the risk of side effects is lower.

What is the use of Erbium YAG laser?

The following skin conditions can be treated with Er:YAG laser beams.

Atrophic acne scars

Herpes simplex scars, smallpox scars

sunburned skin

Mild to moderate facial wrinkles

Uneven pigmentation (brown age spots, freckles, chloasma)

Seborrheic keratosis and other benign skin growths

Some superficial nonmelanoma skin cancers

Some vascular birthmarks (capillary malformations)

Advantages of Erbium YAG Laser

To understand the value of Erbium YAG lasers, you must understand the basic principles of lasers.

Laser light is broken down into light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. This technology works by producing amplified light. Now, when this technology is effectively applied to various skin conditions, it uses heat to help solve the problem. When professionals use this technique correctly, it can deliver fantastic results.

There are many types of lasers as they can be used in different settings and situations. They vary according to the type, medium and frequency of delivery.

Skin care enthusiasts appreciate the Erbium YAG laser because it works wonders when it comes to strengthening the skin. It is known to remove fine components from abraded and UV-affected areas of the skin. It treats the affected skin layers gently and targetedly.

The targeted aspects of this program help professional skin care experts provide a comprehensive treatment while ensuring protection of the skin's entire layer. Another key benefit is that due to its targeted nature, it can deliver huge results. It does this without affecting other parts of the skin.

What do most people use Erbium YAG laser skin resurfacing for?

Many people use this therapy for a variety of reasons, including:

1.Certain types of acne blemishes

2.Simplicity or other similar taint

3.Skin layers affected by UV rays

4.Wrinkles on your face

5.Various types of pigments

6.Different types of skin elements

7.Superficial skin conditions

8.Certain birth defects

If you are looking for YAG laser skin resurfacing and would like to learn more about how the Erbium YAG laser can deliver results for your skin texture, please contact our DSC Aesthetics team. We understand you want to achieve your goals through different treatments, whether it's YAG laser ablation, partial laser skin resurfacing, or general skin rejuvenation.

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